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by Anna von Reitz Modus Operandi 4.0 So we have learned how incorporation is used as a trap or self-entrapment device, by which the vermin obtain ownership of everything in sight for free, and the only obligation they have is to offer bankruptcy protection. This is a form of entrapment that only succeeds to the […]

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Amazingly, Human Beings have no idea who they are or even where they came from. And they don’t seem to be too concerned about this either. Perhaps I’m too obsessed with the topic as well as a bit crazy, but personally I can’t just go about my pedestrian day without at least often and serious consideration of this subject. And that’s just on a metaphysical level. How about who we are physically? Do we even know who we are from a physical standpoint? Are you even aware that at all times during your entire life you are being lorded over physically, legally, financially and even morally?You should know that these Controllers consider you cattle and dispensable.So what exactly is this Civilization we are all forced into upon birth? It is a prison disguised as a matrix of control systems by which our lives our inevitably, completely and blindly led…..the legal system, the banking system, the education system, the medical system, all ruled over by the omniscient State. These systems are all nationalized and follow strict regulations. So it doesn’t matter how sweet your teacher or doctor is, they must obey the rules of their particular system. We are brain-washed with the help of the Media and our Schooling to believe that the people have affect over the government and this is just fantasy. Each one of these pillars or rather bars of Civilization serves to continually and increasingly control and dehumanize us at such an invisible rate we as humans have lost all sight of where and who we are supposed to be. We are spiritual beings who have been shown time and time again the power and beauty of our minds and emotions in healing and creation, and yet a group of unseen men give us a number at birth like a product and make a list of what we can and cannot do while alive on planet earth. Rules which they of course do not follow themselves. And agents of the State will come with guns and lock you in a cage if you do not obey their rules. And the men who dress up in costumes and assume their false authority over us are the most psychopathically disenchanted of all. Doctors, police, judges, priests…..Where the hell are we?Who runs all this? And most importantly, are they good or evil? I personally take great offense to all of this.

We grow up acclimated and accustomed and told to obey a world run by pedophile Satanists…….Who controls them?

Americans Before It Is Too Late Must Come to Grips with the Fact that Their Government Is an Evil Criminal Organization

Kushner Inc. Greed. Ambition. Corruption. | USA Inc. Denial. On. Trial. — OUR GREATER DESTINY

Deeply Corrupt Kushner Family Is Co-opting the White House Be sure to see ‘SENATE BOLSHEVIKS’ below. There is a media blackout on Vicky Ward’s important new book, released in March: Kushner, Inc.: Greed. Ambition. Corruption. The Extraordinary Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. The only person talking about it outside the Alt-Right is Ann […]

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USA INC – exposing the thieves who stole our government – Educate Yourself


Educate Yourself:


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Judge Anna von Reitz For most people, contemplation of how our American Government has been commandeered by foreign con artists– British and Papal Agents– will be hard enough to deal with. . However, beyond this deplorable breach of trust and criminality is a far more common, pervasive, and universal con scheme –The Big Con […]

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