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Those of the LIGHT may use the same trusts the super rich use. 
Be prepared for the Global Currency Reset
House of Freedom Natural Law Pure Trust – This product is one of the best asset protection instruments in the world. It is used to support humanitarian causes, it reduces liabilities, and it provides greater protection. This state-of-the-art trust design provides exceptional freedom for peaceful people.

Perpetual Longevity Beyond the Present Global Changes. More and more people today know that a worldwide financial reset is underway, and as such, many have wondered if an offshore trust, LLC, foundation, domestic corporation, IBC, or statutory trust will be made extinct or redundant after the restoration of a Basel III-mandated asset-based world economic system has become ubiquitous and made widely known. World changes are causing experts to question what types of legal structures, what types of banking, what types of commercial arrangements, and which economic instruments will flourish in longevity long after the global transformations have taken effect.This centuries-old,little-known, and time-tested asset protection instrument is ideal, because it will continue to be valid even after a Golden Age has dawned worldwide.It is non-statutory. So, such a trust can go on being renewed generation after generation, and go on enduring through whatever changes may take place in the statutes.
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House of Freedom Natural Law Pure Trust — the most rare trust design in the world, which concentrates the best asset protection secrets of the super rich into the fewest words, and simplifies the language so as to minimize legalese and maximizes common politeness and understandability.  These trusts can be operated in all countries anywhere in the world.  Trust clients may become either trustees or creators, beneficiaries, and managers.  These pure natural law sovereign irrevocable trusts enjoy exemption from filing income tax returns or paying income tax.   They are infinitely flexible, and can be adapted to any ethical, lawful, and noble purpose.

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