Are Your Unsecured Debts Like Credit Cards and Student Loans Legitimate Loans, Like They Appear?

The unfortunate truth: They’re actually completely fraudulent.
These debts were created out of thin air as numbers on a screen.  The digital money was paid to the seller of the goods and services and the debts are now owed by you to the bank with interest, but the bank who lent the money never removed any money from any account.  They fabricated it from nothing.
Is this a conspiracy theory or is it a proven fact?
This is a completely proven fact and backed up by numerous financial experts, insiders and top politicians. Click here

Ok, so it’s a fact.  But what can we do about it?
Brilliance In Commerce  instructs people in debt to write simple, polite, yet powerful, proven letters to the heads of the bank who made each loan and the credit reporting agencies who track these things, challenging them to prove that money actually left their account, making it a legitimate loan.  And to this day, not a single bank has provided this evidence.  Instead, they avoid the subject and never admit to fraud, preferring to write off the loan as a loss, cancel the debt and close your account.
Will banks really cancel these loans?

Exposing the Fraud
Yes!  It’s much less expensive and risky for them to simply write off the loan and let you go than it is to fight it, publicize it, and risk letting the whole world know about the profitable and fraudulent racket they’ve been running for decades and are counting on running forever.

Over 14 years and 1,000s of debt cancellations prove it with a 100% success rate!
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