See How They Run

Judge Anna 2
 by Justice Anna von Reitz

See How They Run

We’ve identified the Patent Holders for the two strains of “novel” coronavirus (Common Cold Virus) responsible for the recent outbreak known as the COVID 19 Pandemic.

The Pirbright Institute owns one of the two patents and the “U.S. Government”, another British Corporation, owns the other, so it is apparent that the commercial liability for all the fun and games (and losses) we’ve all recently endured, including loss of life, business shutdowns, extra equipment purchases, lost employment, medical emergency response costs—- the fault for all of it, lies with the Queen and her corporations.

So, not only are both coronavirus Patent Holders British/British Territorial entities, but, the plan to receive all the Municipal corporations and debts “for” [that is, “in behalf of” the Americans] — without actually paying back the Americans, has been busted. The Americans see through it. They are demanding a full re-venue. They have organized their actual government. Can you believe that? After a hundred and sixty years. Oh, bollux, bollux, bollux!— who would believe this? After a hundred and sixty years?”

“And so has the plan to offer Americans “bankruptcy settlement offers” disguised as relief to get through the phony pandemic. All that has been exposed. It’s all backfiring. And it smells worse than brimstone…. no, Tommy, take it to the bank. They are all over the air waves. It’s like a swarm of angry bees. They’ve figured it out. They’re not going to settle for tiny dollops of their own credit dished back to them as relief checks, would you? They are demanding the whole wad, and in no uncertain terms. They’ve got several speakers out front and they are all shouting the same story.

And they’ve got the whole story, sewn up tighter than a drumhead….. yes, it is a right tidy bloody pile-up. All the way back to the founding of the Commonwealth….the Catholic Connection. The All of it. I don’t know what to tell my Mum….no new house in Vermont, that’s for certain.”

[Or to quote the Wicked Witch of the West, “How could a sweet little girl like you destroy my beautiful wickedness! Oh, oh, I’m melting….melting!”]

Yes, folks, we are on to them, and calling them out in front of the entire world. So what do they do? They run.

Oh, these germs belong to us? And the victims know? We’d better stop it right now, before the whole thing blows up. We’ll have Bubonic Plague in Piccadilly next….

Suddenly, the Big Story Pandemic is reduced to: “well, not so much a pandemic…..” and the British Government admits that Covid-19 hasn’t proven to be a “High Consequence Infectious Disease” (HCID). And all of a sudden, things are at Full Stop and Reverse. Red Light, Green Light, all about the town….all hands on deck, damage control measures in effect….

[Oh, rats! The Americans and the Chinese caught on! They know it was us, and we own the germs! Oh, bollux! They are going to blame us! They are going to hold us accountable for their losses! They are going to charge us for their business losses and civilian deaths! Oh, stop the presses! Spin the story backwards! Quick! Move it! New line is that Covid 19 is harmless… not really any cause for concern…. blah, blah, blah, blahty-blah….must return things to normal ASAP….yes, cracky! ASAP!”

So now Mr. Trump needs to know for sure, that we are the actual, living, breathing — and sovereign — government of the people, for the people, and by the people, not “U.S. Citizens” and not “citizens of the United States”.

He needs to know that when we act as State Citizens, as we do now, we become recognizable as “We, the People….” the very same ones who are owed every bit, every jot, of the Constitutions and their Guarantees.

We are owed possession and unencumbered enjoyment of all the land and soil, all the gold, silver, and all the other physical, mental, spiritual, and intellectual properties that are ours, all our rights in common, and all the private and public property assets of this country are ours— and more than past due to be re-venued to us, free and clear.

Hear that? Your “custodian-ship” goes just so far.

No amount of tedious backsliding, excuses, or sneaky legal charlatanism will help. No “emergencies”. No fake “wars”. It’s a straight-up situation. All the actual assets belong to us, not to any dependent sovereignties like the Indian Nations, not to any “tribes” owing tribute to Rome, not to any Territorials at all.

And now, to more fully appreciate all the implications, see this:


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